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Your surgery says a lot about you and your business. Its style and quality and even the equipment you use all convey something about your expertise and the standard of your work. The right decor and furnishings can help create a warm, welcoming environment where patients will feel confident they are in safe hands.

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Creating a new surgery can be a difficult and time-consuming task. It requires careful planning, organisation and supervision not to mention a minefield of health and safety regulations to comply with. Entrusting the work to Clark Dental frees you to concentrate on your core business while we create the surgery of your dreams. As a family run company specialising in dentistry, Clark Dental provides a complete ‘turn-key’ design and build solution, taking care of every aspect of a project from initial discussion and plans through to completion, including installation of key equipment, training and on-going servicing.

Step by step: we’re with you all the way 


Once we have established what you want from your new surgery, swapped ideas and surveyed the premises, Clark Dental uses Computer Aided Design to produce a range of design options. The plans take into account your particular needs, issues such as the optimum utilisation of space, ergonomics and all regulations. We also look at chairs, cabinetry, in-surgery technology, colour schemes and finishes.


Produced as 2D and 3D full colour drawings, the plans form the basis of our next discussions where we will take you on a virtual tour through the options so that you can see very realistically what is proposed. It is all on computer, so any changes you wish to explore can be made quickly and easily. To help with the decision, we can show you ‘in the flesh’ various chairs, cabinetry and dental imaging technology.

Once plans are agreed, we will organise and coordinate all the contractors, check quality, ensure budgets and timescales are adhered to and keep you informed of progress. Ensuring all HSE regulations are met as planned is also an important part of the job. When installing radiological equipment for example, we will perform all the required risk assessments, inform the HSE pre-installation and conduct the post-installation critical assessment tests.


2D & 3D Surgery Design Plans

Examples of 2D and 3D plans




Clark Dental Engineers

After sales service is the most important aspect to consider when purchasing equipment. Here at Clark Dental our specialist technicians are factory trained and certificated on the products that we supply and on call to give you the support when needed. Available seven days a week, each technician carries their own mobile phone to ensure a swift response either directly from them or our service centre. All emergency calls are dealt with within 24 hours.

The heart of any practice is the compressor and vacuum plant. As part of our service we carry loan compressors and suction pumps, ensuring that downtime is minimised, whilst repairs are carried out in the event of a major failure. This service is free of charge and is part of our commitment to you as a valued customer.